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Fuck It All and Fucking No Regrets

3 October 1979
Hello and Hi, my name is Bizzlebob Fowizzle and I live under a bridge in the middle of the ocean.
Please forgive me as this so called "bio" will be scrambled because that's how I do.

I'm 26 years old, almost 27 ( waaaaaaah), I have no children nor a life. Smiley
I would like to eventually attend college to become a History teacher or become an elementary teacher. Notice the history bit because I won't be majoring in English - I fuck up the grammar bit of English up all the damn time.

I love music, movies, travel and playing playstation 2. I'm a 3 day undisputed champion at NFL Gameday 2004, I've also finished my fishing game. I need some new ones. I currently only have 4 games - Gameday, Eyetoy Kinetic, Rapala Pro Fishing and the Sims : The Urbs.

I just recently got into basketball a bit more, the Mavericks are my favorite team - they should of WON! Smiley
I do watch football every now again when it's football season - I usually root for the team that is kicking the cowpokes asses just to bug mom. I tend to favor the Raiders and the Steelers the most but I suppose if it came right now down to it - i'd go with the raiders as being my favorite team.
As for baseball, can't watch that on t.v. - just can't do it . Take me to a game and I'm able to enjoy myself but on t.v. , it's just not the same!