blah blah

We have dishnetwork now... mom's going to pay half.
i'm joining a gym - Thursday . World Gym - 29 dollars a month.
I'm going to a doctor next Tuesday to start the fixer upping of my ovaries - my boyfriend is nuts.
He's singing " where's the food at ? "

other than that - nothing exciting going on.
I have to buy another piece for the car - an oil filter - then the guy can do the oil fuck ups and proceed to the back end to see what's going on with that.
Hopefully, it wont cost that much and we can have the car back soon.

since, i'm lax at reading all agreements on line - I need to continue posting in my other journal before they'll accept it..
I'll post some nonsense in there to get it up to date...
I'm going for a post a day starting sometime tonight...

The cable company are a bunch of morons - they called to tell me i had been denied -- okay.. well then she asks for Rick's name and social s. # -- he gives it to them -- the guy comes out today and the crap says ELLEN (Ricks Last Name) JR!

Fucking, morons! It was suppose to go in Ricky's name.

AND THEN I Call to tell them that I needed the Jr and his last name dropped off of the billing and changed to my maiden name..

The moron put it as ELLEN SIMMONE!!! I'll have to call again when the bill comes in or send them a money order...

Anyways - enough of my ramblings..

October 3, 2007 - I shall weigh 240 - since starting work - i've gone up to 280 from 260?!?!?

Anyways, that's my short goal for now -- long term is 150 to 160.