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c'est la vie

i'm off and i'm bored.. the air ride system in the car is fucked..el yay!
the car is at the shop - my paycheck is close to 800 dollars thanks to the bonus.
because of the a.r.s i cant go to the gym because mom has to take me to work thus meaning when she's at work - i have to ride the fucking E-Z Rider bus until she gets off of work.. el yay! :(

once I think I got shit under control - something fucking happens - never fails.

i want a new car.

i think around november ( if im still there ) - i'm gonna ask if I can work from 5 AM till 2 PM - I may ask sooner.

I'm addicted to www.nakedjuice.com - that's the best fruit juice EVER - the green machine smoothie is probably the only one that takes a bit to get use to.
Unfortunate thing is that they're 2.00 plus a bottle!

I want to go swimming but I cannot because my air pump for my pool is at his mother's house .

i'm still bored - wicc needs to send me that email she sent me a while ago about the link - i had to reformat because of a certain someone who shall remain nameless that is to the side of me playing Need for Speed.


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Feb. 17th, 2013 02:52 am (UTC)
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