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the gym

I've gone everyday since I started *(Monday the 19th)* - I'll go tomorrow and then rest Saturday and Sunday.

I hate that it takes a lot less time for money to be spent than to be made!
That really sucks a big one.   Next year - I shall try for a divorce and "college" again.
Too many obstacles in the way this year - mainly the car fucking up and being a huge gas guzzler. V8's suck!

Next of many things for the car - New spark plug wires and plugs . Hopefully, sometime next month.
And I also need to start saving for Ricky's Vegas trip in case he gets to go - that's an uncertainty right now.
If he doesn't - then I save 150 to 300 dollars that will mostly like go towards the car or some clothes for that putz.

Jumping back to health - I weighed 262 when I started - in 6 weeks they will take my measurements again and weigh me.
I hope to have at least lost 5 to 10 inches - Lisa was telling me one lady lost 9 inches but had only lost 2 lbs. She must of gained a good bit of muscle.
That's one of the toughest things to remember for me - is just because it says I only lost 1 lb doesn't mean I haven't "lost overall" .

Anyways, enough of my ramblings ...