update on moi

rick and i are still together... he's in Sierra Blanca right now -  his great-grandmother passed away .
he leaves for Vegas Wednesday and won't be back until the following Monday and he gets back from Sierra Blanca - Sunday.
So, I get to see him for a few days and then get to send him off on his marry way to LAS VEGAS.
I got another raise - yee haw!

A few Wal-Marts starting rates were increased due to the demand for employees that they so desperately need.
I now make 8.30 an hour instead of 7.15 and speaking of WalMart - when Ricky gets back from Vegas and I get him a Social Security Card - he's going to apply - I already told my Co-Manager Andy about him - Andy asked me yesterday, when he was going to come up and apply..
So fingers Crossed..


People who don't listen suck!

We took the car to a garage - the bastard moron Ed did not hear that we wanted the air bags taken out and regular springs put in - a week later he tells me 900 DOLLARS to fix the car.
We tell Bo the guy we know there that we want springs - that knocks 150 off - he tried to find cheaper but NO ONE in Odessa carries springs for that particular type of car - YAY!

He ordered thru some website I found online - here's to hoping he doesn't get fucked in the arse thus causing us to get fucked in the arse.

I may start working 6 days a week. I'm not sure yet - I might if the car is fixed by Friday and I can take the car on friday - if not, then I shall not work 6 days a week because I dont want be hearing the bullocrap.

We've inherited Ricky's dog - problems at his mom's house has caused Johnny to be kicked out on his bum. Johnny's under the bed right now being good and not peeing on anything and not crying -- this is a good thing.
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c'est la vie

i'm off and i'm bored.. the air ride system in the car is fucked..el yay!
the car is at the shop - my paycheck is close to 800 dollars thanks to the bonus.
because of the a.r.s i cant go to the gym because mom has to take me to work thus meaning when she's at work - i have to ride the fucking E-Z Rider bus until she gets off of work.. el yay! :(

once I think I got shit under control - something fucking happens - never fails.

i want a new car.

i think around november ( if im still there ) - i'm gonna ask if I can work from 5 AM till 2 PM - I may ask sooner.

I'm addicted to www.nakedjuice.com - that's the best fruit juice EVER - the green machine smoothie is probably the only one that takes a bit to get use to.
Unfortunate thing is that they're 2.00 plus a bottle!

I want to go swimming but I cannot because my air pump for my pool is at his mother's house .

i'm still bored - wicc needs to send me that email she sent me a while ago about the link - i had to reformat because of a certain someone who shall remain nameless that is to the side of me playing Need for Speed.

yadda yadda

i've lost 10 lbs so far since joining the gym.. i have 13 hours in overtime this week and i go in at 10 PM till 7AM tonight and tomorrow night to redo a modular . ( Modulars - the very reason you can never find anything in Wal-Mart )

other than that - nothing exciting going on other than there's a small chance I may get a "small" portion of the bonus - we shall see.

Take Care All,
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the gym

I've gone everyday since I started *(Monday the 19th)* - I'll go tomorrow and then rest Saturday and Sunday.

I hate that it takes a lot less time for money to be spent than to be made!
That really sucks a big one.   Next year - I shall try for a divorce and "college" again.
Too many obstacles in the way this year - mainly the car fucking up and being a huge gas guzzler. V8's suck!

Next of many things for the car - New spark plug wires and plugs . Hopefully, sometime next month.
And I also need to start saving for Ricky's Vegas trip in case he gets to go - that's an uncertainty right now.
If he doesn't - then I save 150 to 300 dollars that will mostly like go towards the car or some clothes for that putz.

Jumping back to health - I weighed 262 when I started - in 6 weeks they will take my measurements again and weigh me.
I hope to have at least lost 5 to 10 inches - Lisa was telling me one lady lost 9 inches but had only lost 2 lbs. She must of gained a good bit of muscle.
That's one of the toughest things to remember for me - is just because it says I only lost 1 lb doesn't mean I haven't "lost overall" .

Anyways, enough of my ramblings ...

hey fucks

well i finally joined a gym. .. i joined an all girl gym because they have kick boxing.
Either sometime this week or next week - i'm going to start the classes - not sure, yet.

walmart still sucks but at least i have a job.
and some of my co-workers work out at the same place... WalMart employees get a discount at the club .

other than that - nothing exciting going on with me .
I hope everyone is doing well.

Take Care All.

blah blah

so, i went to the doc.
she's put me on a diet and on yasmin * bc pills * - she said that since i have a period every month then I have a good chance that i'm ovulating and that i probably just need bc pills to help everything to work properly.
 she also  wants to check out my thyroid and hormones to make sure that's working properly - so i'm going to have to take out insurance - so i got to talk to Vero tomorrow.

and i need to quit slacking on my job. ;)
I hate it there but at least I get paid and never get told shit for changing my schedule on a whim.. but i should quit that too.. lol

ricky's playing pool right now and i'm watching Blast from the Past.. tiz a cute movie.
Brendan's adorable in it.

anywho, i'm gonna try to join the gym next pay day - come to find out - you have to use a credit card or checking account so they can charge you the 3rd of each month plus sign a 2 year contract.

Pretty much, that's about the only way I can exercise because I'm not hip to going to the mall to walk for 30 minutes.